20) B

The argument here is that “time and money spent…on persuading men…at an earlier stage would be easily offset by savings on treating advanced conditions”. We must find a weakness in this argument.

A – Wrong
Even though men do not seek help until the condition becomes advanced, we cannot determine whether they are reluctant or they do not seek help for some other reason. So this is wrong.

B – Correct
The text gives an example of men not seeking help until their condition becomes advanced which causes the treatment to be more expensive and difficult. However, the text fails to consider that an early consultation for minor symptoms incurs high costs in doctor’s time. So this is definitely a weakness in the argument.

C – Wrong
This statement does not find a weakness in the argument above which states that treatments become more difficult and expensive due to men not seeking help earlier on. Option C just focuses on women and why the seek help earlier on.

D – Wrong
Option D neither strengthens the argument nor weakens it.

E – Wrong
Involving other health professionals does not find a weakness in the argument stated above. In fact, this slightly strengthens the argument as it says that it would require more people to treat the advanced conditions.

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