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2003 Section 1 Question 22

22) E

The latest date up to which the coins were used in was 157 AD.

A – Wrong
We cannot say that the occupation was abandoned before 157 AD as it was definitely occupied in 88 and 123 AD.

B – Wrong
We cannot infer that it was first occupied in 88 AD. It could have been occupied in 88 AD itself.

C – Wrong
It could have been occupied before as well but we just do not have any proof.

D – Wrong
Just because we have coin dating to 88 and 157 AD, we cannot assume that the site was only occupied during that period. It could have been occupied before and after as well, but we do not have any proof yet.

E – Correct
The site was definitely occupied till 157 AD. Therefore, it must have been abandoned in or after it.

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