You can discuss the following points:

  • Alexander Pope is trying to say that it is better to have no knowledge than to have incomplete knowledge and act according to the incomplete knowledge
  • Having incomplete knowledge can cause a person to be in danger and cause other to be in danger as they may form misconceptions about the subject
  • e.g. there was a study which ‘proved’ that vaccines were correlated to autism. Due to this ‘discovery’, many parents did not vaccinate their children, potentially exposing them to danger. They did not know that the study was proven to be false. Their ‘little knowledge’ caused them to take actions which were totally wrong
  • Other examples could include investing in stocks without having complete knowledge, an eleven-year-old child driving because they have seen their parents drive
  • However, it is okay to have little knowledge if this little knowledge given to you by an experienced person
  • For example, giving first aid can potentially help to save a life, even if the person giving first aid does not fully understand the mechanism. However, the person giving the first aid should first be taught by an expert in order to ensure what they are doing is correct
  • It is important for one to have some knowledge of different subjects as long as they do not think they are experts in those fields