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2004 Section 1 Question 1

1) C

A – Wrong
Halve the quadrilateral by using a diagonal. You end up with two triangles. Now halve each of these triangles from the middle. The tables can be used to make shape A.

B – Wrong
Halve the triangle from the middle. You end up with two triangle. Now halve each of these triangles.

D – Wrong
Divide the shape into two triangles and a quadrilateral by taking out the end triangles. Now divide the square into two triangles by using its diagonal.

E – Wrong
Shape E is placing shape B on A. Split E into the triangle and the quadrilateral. Then, halve the triangle from the middle and halve the quadrilateral diagonally.

If you look at C, you will notice that if you take out the two triangle ends and try to superimpose them on the quadrilateral, it will not work i.e. they will not be identical to the triangles the make up the quadrilateral.

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