34) C

A – Wrong
Nothing is mentioned about conventional doctors not being concerned about the overall well-being of their patients in paragraph 3 and 4.  We are jsut given the information that doctors are getting frustrated because it is difficult to get the time to listen to their patients and counsel them.

B – Wrong
The sentence “On obstacle to better understanding is the lack of agreement on a central definition of ‘alternative’ therapies. So we cannot infer for sure whether alternative medicine does not claim to treat or cure any individual diseases.

C – Correct
The sentences “the time it takes…at a premium” and “this is the void that alternative medicine appears to be filling” suggest that time pressure on doctors is one of the factors which has increased the popularity of alternative therapies.

D – Wrong
The sentence “alternative medicine appears to be the belief in the body’s ability to heal itself” does not suggest that doctors do not believe in the same. So we cannot conclude D to be correct.

E – Wrong
We cannot say that all alternative therapies have no side effects so we cannot say that they score over conventional medicine.

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