For Knowledge:
zeal means enthusiasm
anthem in this statement means success
epitaph in this statement means failure

In this statement Bryan is trying to say that our constant desire and enthusiasm to make things better will lead not our success but to our failure. Since this statement was made with reference to modern technology, I think Bryan is trying to say that technology has more disadvantages than advantages.

Certainly, technology has made our lives much easier and more comfortable. Some of the things that we are now capable of include: use of vehicles for transport, contact someone thousands of miles away in seconds, access the internet and increase farm produce using advanced machinery.
However, this has reduced our capability to do more manual work. More comfortable lives have led to an increase in diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The trend of a fast paced lifestyle is spreading. This causes people to suffer from stress, high blood pressure and mental health issues.
The use of technology such as vehicles and industrial machinery produces large amounts of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. Global warming is a major world issue which is causing the climate change. This will ultimately lead to the extinction of many species of animals and plants.

On the other hand, advancements in technology have allowed us to provide much safer and faster medical treatments. The invention of the electron microscopes allowed us to study life at the molecular level. We were then able to study DNA and how the cells of the body work together to keep us alive. X-rays and MRIs have enabled us to provide non-invasive treatments. Being able to look inside the body without surgery is truly remarkable. This has reduced chances of complications and treatments going wrong.

The most effective way to tackle the disadvantages of technology is to use technology only when we need it. Also, we can use renewable sources of energy to limit carbon dioxide emissions and bring global warming under control. Proper treatments should be provided for those who suffer from sever stress and blood pressure problems. The use of machinery in agriculture has allowed us to provide food supply for the growing world population.
Space exploration for all humans can also be made possible in the coming years, allowing us to find new habitable planets.

Our reliance on technology has increased over the years and without it, we would be unable to do a number of daily tasks.  In my opinion, it would be impractical to think that we can stop the use of technology completely.