In this statement, Nietzsche is trying to say that higher education is not compatible with a greater number of students. According to Nietzsche, the word ‘higher’ in ‘higher education’ indicates that only those who are exceptional in academics should be allowed to continue higher education.

Higher education in today’s world usually means going to university to get a degree. The government tries to ensure that every student gets equal opportunity to go to university. Based on merit, the university may or may not select a student for a particular course. However, it is ensured that every student in A levels has a right to at least apply for a place in  university.

Higher education is different from further education. In the United Kingdom, further education is compulsory until the age of 18. Schooling is compulsory until the age of 16. After the age of 16, individuals may take up A levels or do vocational courses in colleges. Higher education, on the other hand, is optional and students who want to have careers in medicine, dentistry, law, business etc. need to take higher education.

Some people may argue that the ratio of number of students and lecturers is too great. These lecturers often feel overworked which is not ideal as they have to teach hundreds of students everyday. Therefore, Nietzsche may be right in the sense that universities right now are overcrowded and the students there may not be as intelligent or talented.

Other may debate that many students just view higher education as a way to have a career and lead a comfortable life in the future. This certainly is inarguable and every person wants to have a secure life. Even though they may not be academically strong as other students in their group, they have a right to study whichever subject they wish to study if they meet all the required criteria to be enrolled in that course.

It may be possible to provide higher education for a large proportion of the population by opening more universities and higher education institutions. There should be sufficient staff to allow students to get ample support and guidance so that no one feels left out or isolated. This will also prevent staff members from feeling stressed and overworked. Since there has been a rise in tuition fees, this extra money can be used to provide students with all the facilities that they require throughout their higher education journey. This will allow the students to improve intellectually and academically.