6) B

Argument: “The best way to reverse the trend towards increasing violence…encourage more young men to take up boxing”. The text makes a casual relationship between boxing and lack of violence.
We must find a weakness in this statement.

A – Wrong
The text does not suggest that boxers are never aggressive. It just says that “Boxing is not primarily about aggression” which means that boxing is not only about aggression.

B – Correct
The text makes a link between boxing and violence. It does not take into account the other leisure activities that could have caused a reduction in violence.

C – Wrong
The text just states that boxing can keep young men occupied during their leisure time. It does not, in any way, suggest that most young men lack discipline and self-restraint.,

D – Wrong
This is irrelevant as it does not matter why people take up boxing. This statement does not find a weakness in the argument.

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