26) E

The main conclusion of the passage is the first line of the second paragraph “But these surprising…make them their slaves.” The next line indicates that the butterfly which is an endangered species can survive by exploiting the ants.

A – Wrong
No sentence in the text indicate that making sounds will eventually cause them to become
extinct or die out.

B – Wrong
The Rebel’s large blue butterfly is an example used in the text to show how the ants can get exploited. However, it is not mentioned that it is the most notable species to exploit ant colonies.

C – Wrong
It is mention that ants even slaughter their own young to feed the caterpillars when food is scarce. However, they do not always slaughter their own young. They only do it when food is scarce. Also, this is not the main focus of the text. The main focus is that some insect species can exploit ants. 

D – Wrong
There is not mention of threats from parasites.

E – Correct
From the information given, we can deduce that some species which are endangered can exploit ant colonies in order to aid their own survival. 

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