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2009 Section 1 Question 34

34) D

A – Wrong
If this were true, the output of flowers should have been more than vegetables in 1998. However, this is not true.

B – Wrong
We do not know the price of pigs and cattle. We only know the total output of these livestock. The difference between values could have been purely due to the amount of each livestock bought.

C – Wrong
We cannot infer that the pound was definitely stronger in 1980 than in 1998 based on the information provided to us.

D – Correct
There was a decrease in output of Farm crops during the time period but a large increase in output of horticulture. Since ‘volumes of production have not changed’, this suggest that a higher percentage of farm crops than horticulture must have been sold overseas.

E – Wrong
We are unable to infer the other factors which could have influenced the output. (such as volume of potatoes produced).

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