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2009 Section 1 Question 4

4) B

A – Wrong
Even though the statement in option A is correct, the passage mainly focuses on the heavy snowfall. Therefore, this option is incorrect as it is irrelevant.

B – Correct
It is clearly implied in the text that the government needs take into consideration the probability of an event happening. Since the probability of heavy snowfall is low, the government was right not to spend large amounts of money into preventive measures.

C – Wrong
This is irrelevant and an easy option to eliminate. The last sentence clearly states that pandemics and asteroids are considered “low risk but high cost” and hence, the government should not be spending lots of money on these issues.

D – Wrong
The text clearly says that likelihood of a prolonged period of heavy snow in the UK is very low. So the government should not have spent more on the precautions.

E – Wrong
There is not mention of any compensation that should be made by the government.

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