6) G

1 – Correct
Since there are campaigns, young people are more informed of harms of ecstasy. If there were no campaigns, more young people would start using ecstasy. Hence, this is correct.

2 – Correct
This is correct as it compares ecstasy only to horse riding. It assumes that since horse riding is not dangerous and still causes so many deaths a year, it should be compared to ecstasy as ecstasy causes less deaths per year. It assumes the horse riding is not dangerous even though it still is slightly dangerous.

3 – Correct
This is the easiest weakness to identify. Let us say 60 people take ecstasy. The passage states that 30 people die from ecstasy. This means that 50% die by using ecstasy.
On the other hand, let us say 1000 people do horse riding out which 100 people die. This percentage is quite small compared to the percentage of deaths caused by ecstasy. Hence, this option is correct.

Since all three statements are correct, G is the answer.

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