The statement is rather clear in what it is trying to say. “Rich people can buy better medical treatment than poor people” is an argument that people have different opinions on. In this case, ‘better medical treatment’ refers to private treatment.

It is true that rich people often prefer private treatment. Some may argue that people have the right to spend their money on anything they desire. If they wish to spend money on private treatment then it would be improper to say that it is obscene that they have access to better medical care.

An obvious assumption here is that private treatment is better than public treatment. All doctors study the same course and hence, they have the same scientific knowledge and skills to provide any treatment which a patient needs. The NHS is one of the best healthcare systems around the world and it is respected by everyone in the country. Also, even poor people are able to afford private treatment nowadays with the help of health insurance.

The main advantage of private clinics is that it has shorter waiting times. Some appointments in the NHS are given for 6 months later which is a long time for someone who is receiving a treatment which requires regular check-ups e.g. orthodontic treatment.

However, if an individual prefers shorter waiting times and is willing to spend the money, then they have full right to do so. Prohibiting them from spending money on private treatments is a breach of their rights and is unethical. Together with this, the presence of private healthcare is actually beneficial for the NHS. It relieves a lot of burden and pressure put on the NHS due to the increasing number of patients.

To conclude, the statement itself may not actually be true as no one can definitely say that private healthcare is better than public healthcare or vice-versa. In fact, both of them are necessary as they provide options for the public and allows them to choose what is best for them.