26) A

This is one of the easiest question on the test. 
The conclusion is the first line of the text “the behaviour of the public has contributed…to do out of hours work”. 

A – Correct
This correctly paraphrases the conclusion which is mentioned above. 

B – Wrong
The text does not mention anything about what the government is planning to do to tackle the problem. 

C – Wrong
The text just says that the public expect 24 hour medical care, no matter how trivial their medical problem is. However, the text does not specify whether the patient knows how serious their problem is. 

D – Wrong 
This is clearly wrong. We do not have any data or any statement from which we can infer that doctors running out of hours surgeries see more patients with non-urgent than urgent medical problems. 

E – Wrong
Wrong! Patients have full right to obtain treatment no matter how urgent or non-urgent their problems are.  The text does not say that doctors should turn away patients who come to out of hours surgeries with non-urgent medical problems. 

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