28) A

Argument made in the text: “…the name alone had influenced public opinion and prevented members of the public from having sympathy for the child”. The argument is that ONLY the name had influenced public opinion. 
We need to look for statements which can strengthen this argument. 

1 – Correct
If the media had reported the child’s background accurately, this would have reduced bias and hence ensure that there were not any other factors that influenced public opinion except the name. 

2 – Wrong
If the newspaper called for the harshest possible punishment, then the name together with the newspaper’s statement would have been the factors influencing public opinion. So the name would not have been the ONLY factor influencing public opinion. 

3 – Wrong
If this statement were true, then the newspaper’s wording also would have influenced public opinion. So the name would not have been the ONLY factor.

Since only statement 1 is correct, A is the answer. 

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