According to the statement, a pet is a person’s property. Therefore, an owner should have the right to decide their pet’s fate.

Pets can have certain conditions in which they have to endure a lot of pain and hence causes their quality of life to become poor. Pets can often be more aggressive and lose their appetite when they have an illness.
In such circumstances, an owner might choose to get their pet painlessly euthanised since they are unable to bear the sight of their pet’s agony. A vet must first inform the owner about all the treatments available for the condition. If there is no treatment available, then letting the pet suffer in pain may be considered as unethical.

On the other hand, a vet should never agree to such a demand if an owner wants a healthy pet to be euthanised for any reason. If an owner cannot afford to keep a pet, then the pet can easily be adopted by another home or animal shelter. This can help to avoid unnecessary deaths. It would be unethical and immoral to kill a healthy animal.

Animals have a right to live just like humans. It would be ridiculous to think about euthanising a healthy human. Therefore, the same should apply to animals and pets.

Owners are the people who take care of pets and they do this with love and affection. Owners can influence a vet’s decision only if their request is reasonable. If the pet can be treated and numerous treatments are available, then the owner can choose which treatment would be best for their pet.
However, owners do not have the right to do whatever they wish with their pets especially if it affects the pet’s health.