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2010 Section 3 Question 4

Science provides us with explanations for all events happening right now. It is the basis of everything and gives us an idea of how different things work around us.

It helped to explain how our body systems work together to keep us alive, how evolution allowed some species to survive and others to become extinct and how plants are able to make their own food. Through science, we were able to progress in the field of technology. Technology assists us in providing safer and faster treatments. The use of CT scans and X-ray machines allows us to diagnose different medical conditions so we can provide the most appropriate treatment. According to the statement, science is only capable of telling us what events are possible and how they occur. It, however, does not tell us what events are right.
For example, through science, we were able to formulate theories of how the universe came to existence. However, these are just possible theories and we are still not sure which explanation is correct.
Similarly, the Theory of Relativity and the Theory of Evolution are still just possible explanations which are open to criticism.

Together with this, science is objective which means that it is only rational and logical. It does not involve any emotions or morals. For example, science allowed us to create treatments using embryonic stem cells. However, the use of embryonic stem cells is still controversial as it involves the destruction of an embryo, a potential human life. Science does not tell us whether these things are right or not. Science cannot help us to make moral and sensitive decisions such as whether euthanasia should be allowed or not.
Science cannot explain many abstract ideas such as love. We only know that hormones play a role in this but the existence of emotions is still a mystery.

However, without science, we would not be able to explain phenomena that occur around us. This is why science is just as important as morals and ethics.

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