4) E

A – Wrong
The passage is only focused on the negative aspect of internet. Even though this option may seem correct, it is wrong to shift the focus of the text. We must find out the flaw of the negative aspect of the passage; not the flaw of its focus.

B – Wrong
Again, we must not shift the focus to pointing out some positive aspects. Identify the flaw of the negative aspect!

C – Wrong
This is irrelevant. It may seem relevant because it mention children growing up and going to work. However, the focus of the text is mainly children.

D – Wrong
This may be the most tempting option out of the previous three. However, the passage is making a link between children playing computer games and social interaction. This option does not find a flaw in this link.

E – Wrong
This option is correct because the passage does not provide evidence of children playing video games and reduced social interaction.

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