8) D

A – Wrong
The graph only provides information about the relative pay of men and women rather than the actual pay.

B – Wrong
We do not have any information about the willingness of employers to employ women based on their age.

C – Wrong
We do not know the actual difference between the pay gap at the ages of 22 and 30. We are only given information for the ranges (22-29) and (30-29)

D – Correct
From the graph, you can see that the women who are in their 40s and 50s earn more than 20% less than what men earn.
If a man earns £1, then a woman in their 40s would earn = (100 – 22.8)% x 1 = 77.2% x 1 = £0.772
If a man earns £1, then a woman in their 50s would earn = (100 – 20.6)% x 1 = 79.4% x 1 = £0.794

Both these values are less than £0.80 so D is the answer.

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