Democratic freedom basically means that people have the power to choose who represents them in the government. In a democracy, an individual exercises many rights. These include freedom of expression, right to life, right to a fair trial and many others. The statement suggests that a person, living in a democratic country, should be allowed to say whatever they want in public without any restrictions or limitations.

Being allowed to say anything in public can have some serious consequences as people can take advantage of this to run their own propaganda. They can use freedom of speech as an excuse to make unreasonable, prejudiced and extreme statements which can cause confusion within the public. Such individuals can lie blatantly and mislead other people into thinking that whatever they are proclaiming is true. This is dangerous for young minds who cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

Legislations should be put in place to ensure that freedom of speech is used in a constructive manner. It can be used to oppose anything that is wrong and unjust. Laws should be made to deter people from using their freedom of speech to spread hatred and discrimination. Any declarations that are made in public should first be censored to prevent children from being exposed to any obscene or abusive language.

Limitations allow harmony to be maintained between two sections of society. Hence, the statement is wrong up to a certain extent.