The statement says that people are amused by a doctor’s competence to heal a patient. However, it is nature that is responsible for curing the disease and not the doctor. According to Voltaire, doctors should have qualities that prevent patients from worrying.

Science has allowed humans to progress rapidly in the field of medicine. The use of vaccines, machines and targetted drugs enables doctors to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases quickly and safely. Many treatments require intensive research to guarantee whether or not that treatment is useful. Guidelines are created to make sure that treatments are provided safely and in the correct manner. Pharmacists are given their own set of instructions to ensure that they provide patients with the correct dosage. An artist is a person who uses paint to make a painting. Without an artist, the paint cannot make a painting itself. Similarly, a doctor is a person who uses scientific knowledge to allow nature to cure a disease effectively. Without a doctor, nature cannot cure a serious illness or disease itself.

Doctors also need to consider the importance of ethics. They must be sociable, empathetic and compassionate with their patients. In order for a treatment to be effective, the patient must know that they are feeling better. Another aspect of medicine is placebo. It is better than no treatment. Patients often feel better just by knowing that they are in the care of someone who has good scientific knowledge and skills to cure a disease.

In addition to this, qualities such as teamwork, open-mindedness, and leadership are also important for the smooth functioning of medical staff.