According to the statement, healthcare for pets should be free just like it is for humans. Animals also experience pain and illness like us. They are a very important part of our lives and hence, their healthcare should also be the responsibility of the government.

Pet owners treat their pets like a family member and shower them with love and affection. Many pet owners who are not able to afford veterinary care often have to abandon their pets. By providing free veterinary care, the number of abandoned and neglected pets would decrease considerably. Some may argue that if the government can pay for self-inflicted injuries, then pet healthcare should also become free.

The contrary argument is that people should only adopt pets if they are capable of providing them with their basic necessities for the rest of the animal’s lifespan. If they cannot afford veterinary care, then they should either get pet insurance or not adopt a pet. If veterinary care becomes free, it would be unfair for the people who do not own pets to pay taxes to fund free pet healthcare. If veterinary care becomes government funded, the likelihood is that owners may start to pay less attention to their pet’s health. This is definitely undesirable.
A solution would be to provide free pet health care if pet owners pay extra tax to fund this service. This is fair and potential pet owners would have to consider the extra costs before adopting a pet.

It is difficult to come to a definite conclusion with regards to this matter. Humans seem to treat themselves as being superior to other animals. Some may even think that human life is more important than animal life. Therefore, NHS resources should be used to save a human’s life rather than an animal’s life. Others may think that all animals share the same planet and hence, all life is equally important.