15) C

The argument made in the text is the last line of the text “So parents of children with autism…using the sprays”. We must find a flaw in this

A – Wrong
If oxytocin causes feelings of envy, then this would mean that parents would be damaging their children’s health. This, instead, strengthens the argument.

B – Wrong
This statement actually strengthens the argument as since there have been no scientific studies made, parents could potentially be damaging their children’s health.

C – Correct
This is definitely correct. If levels of oxytocin are low in the sprays and it does not have any effect on children, then parents would not be damaging their children’s health.

D – Wrong
The type of culture an individual lives in is not directly relevant to the question.

E – Wrong
This strengthens the statement as such effects could cause damage to a child’s health.

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