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2012 Section 3 Question 4

Dolphins are extraordinary animals. They show highly developed forms of communication and have known to be compassionate. There are also accounts of dolphins helping humans and other creatures. The statement argues that since dolphins are very intelligent, they should be given a special status in the animal kingdom just like humans.

Some may argue that since dolphins are animals, they should be treated just like other animals. Giving them a special status just because of their intelligence would be unfair. Every organism plays an important role in the environment and on this planet. For example, decomposers provide nutrients to plants and plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Providing different statuses to different animals and organisms would cause people to think that some species are more important than others. This is unethical and could prove to be dangerous in the future.

The question then arises: should more intelligent humans be given more importance than less intelligent humans? The answer is obviously no. Therefore, dolphins should not be treated differently than other animals. Some believe that all animals, including humans, are equal and should be treated in the same manner.

Protection of all animals is absolutely crucial for the ecosystem to be in balance. However, using intelligence as a measure to proclaim special status to different animals is unnecessary as every animal and organism is intelligent in their own right. Einstein’s quote, “Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” is relevant in this case.

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