23) D
The top-left tile has 1 quarter of the area separated. That is one type of tile. 
The tile which is just to the right is divided into half. This is the second type of tile. 
The big black square in the middle is formed by three types of tiles. 
The middle tile is completely black. This is a third type of tile. 
The tile at the top left of the square has one-quarter of its area shaded black. This is the fourth type of tile. 
The tile to the right of this tile has one-half of its area black and the other half white. This is the fifth type of tile.
There are also 4 smaller squares surrounding the big black square. 
These squares have a sixth type of tile which has one-quarter of the tile marked out and another quarter of the tile which is black. 

The other four shapes which have 6 sides have two more types of tiles.

One tile is three-quarters black and one quarter white.
The last type of tile is similar to the sixth type of tile but flipped vertically.

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