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2013 Section 1 Question 4

4) C

The last line of the text is the conclusion.

A – Wrong
The line in the text “our bodies are like vehicle” is just a simile. This statement is out of context and hence is insufficient to be called a conclusion.

B – Wrong
Although this statement is true and is given in the text, it is unable to summarise the entire paragraph. The focus of the text is that in order to burn calories and lose weight, it is important to exercise. This statement is hence, not the conclusion.

C – Correct
This statement correctly paraphrases the last line of the text.

D – Wrong
Even though this is correct, it does not mention anything about how people can lose weight. The conclusion of the text is that in order to lose weight, people must either do more and/or eat less.

E – Wrong
The last line says that we can also lose weight by eating less. Hence, this is wrong.

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