10) A

A – Correct
In the sentence “giving offenders a community service order instead of a prison sentence”, the words “instead of” suggests that the offenders could either have been given community service or a prison sentence. 

On the other hand, in study 2, it may be that the prisoners who were given a custodial sentence were not eligible for a non-custodial sentence. 

Therefore, the comparison between the passage and study 2 is invalid.

B – Wrong
It does not matter whether the offenders are first-time. There is no relevance between this statement and the question.

C – Wrong
Again, it does not matter whether offenders have already served a sentence before or not.

D – Wrong
This is be a distracting statement and could confuse you. However, according to the passage, suspended sentences reduce the rate of reoffends by 9%. They are not related to comparison made in the question.

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