26) C

The main argument made by the text is that “…studies in the 1980s…dangers of eating too much of these fats were based on a misleading data set”. However, the text does not take into consideration the studies which had reliable and valid data set. It comes to a conclusion just by only taking into account the studies which had misleading data set.

A – Wrong
The focus is not about enjoying saturated fat in a balanced diet.

B – Wrong
The main focus of the text is not on coronary heart disease, so this cannot be the answer.

C – Correct
This correctly describes the flaw in the text. The paragraph does not take into account other reliable studies. Hence the assumption is that other studies have not suggested a risk to health from saturated fat.

D – Wrong
The text does not assume that people limit saturated fat intake. This is clearly wrong.

E – Wrong
This option does not discuss anything about main focus of the text which is risk to health by saturated fats.

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