4) A

We need to find a flaw in the last line of the text (which is the conclusion) “attractive male film start and models are likely to make successful cyclists.” This line makes a correlation between attractiveness and successful cyclists. The flaw would be something to do with this correlation.

A – Correct
This is correct. The study did not suggest that being attractive would make you successful in sport.

B – Wrong
This is an incorrect statement as a non-subjective measurement has been taken using cycling performance

C – Wrong
This statement could be true but it does not have anything to do with the last line of the passage and so, is irrelevant. Also, the passage does not intend to extend this correlation with other sports.

D – Wrong
No other sports or sportspersons are mentioned. This statement is completely irrelevant.

E – Wrong
This could be true but it does not identify a weakness or flaw in the passage given itself.

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