6) C

The passage mostly talks about how seed banks can help to reduce the effects of climate change on crops in the future. The conclusion should also mention seed banks and how they can help avert the disaster.

A – Wrong
Even though this is true, it does not conclude the whole passage. The passage mainly focuses on seed banks.

B – Wrong
“will avert” gives the impression that seed banks is the ultimate solution to the problem and that no other solutions are required to tackle the situation. “will avert” is too strong. The last sentence also says that “seed banks are not the only answer”

C – Correct
This is correct. The text does say that “seed banks with catalogues showing traits…Farmers can then begin to trial”

D – Wrong
Whilst this is a true statement, it only focuses on Africa and Southeast Asia. It is mentioned that Africa and Southeast Asia will be worst affected, however, this does not mean that farmers in other areas should not begin trialing. The passage also states that “we need to develop worldwide seed banks”

E – Wrong
“will not be unable to grow” is again, a strong suggestion. Indeed, it is mentioned that their yield will decline, but it does not say that it “will be unable to grow” in the future. Also, this statement is a reason why seed banks should be created. It is not the conclusion to the the whole passage.

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