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2016 Section 1 Question 16

16) A

We have the information that the players are sitting in a circle and we have been given the order of the players in a clockwise direction. Let us draw the order then.


We can also draw a quick table to show which people are to the left and right of a certain person.

                        Left                    Right

Alun             Carmen                Ruthie
Carmen            Ian                     Alun
Ian                 Prem                   Carmen
Prem              Ruthie                   Ian
Ruthie             Alun                   Prem

It is important to remember that each player starts off with 5 coins.
After Alun’s throw, Ruthie has 7 coins and Carmen has 7 coins
After Carmen’s throw, Alun has 1 coin and Ian has 7 coins. Carmen remains with 2 coins.
After Ian’s throw, Carmen has 4 coins and Prem has 6 coins. Ian himself has 2 coins.
After Prem’s throw, Ian has 3 coins and Ruthie has 9 coins. Prem remains with 1 coin.
After Ruthie’s throw, Prem has 3 coins and Alun has 2 coins.

At the end of the round, these are the results:
Alun – 2
Carmen – 4

Ian – 3
Prem – 3
Ruthie – 4
Therefore, Alun remains with the least coins.
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