5) A

Firstly, we must determine which test is on the x-axis and which is on the y-axis

If the written test was on the x-axis, the point 68 (which is the highest on the written test) would be the one which is furthest to the right. The next highest score is 66, so it will be the point which is just left of 68.  The third highest is 64, meaning that it will be to the left of 66. However, if this were true, the distance between the points 64, 66 and 68 would be the same. Since this is not shown on the graph, x-axis cannot be the written test.
X-axis = practical test
Y-axis = written test

Since we know which axes is which test, we can also conclude that the scores on the y-axis go up in 10s and the x-axis goes up in 5.
If we move from left to right, the order of students would be:
Ina, Liz, Els, Joe, Fio, Gho, Amy, Kai, Ben, Den, Haz
Obviously, looking at the scores, we can see that there should be two points on 10 score in the same vertical line as Fio.

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