6) D

A – Wrong
The government’s plan is only to increase fees of claims which are worth more than £200,000. This plan is not for everyone.

B – Wrong
Although this may seem to be correct, the government is not actually trying to do this. Even before this increase in fees, there were still costs to make a claim. The passage is suggesting that this increase in fees is wrong not the fees itself.

C – Wrong
Again, only claims of more than £200,000 or more will be affected. If individuals or businesses have claim of less than this amount, then they will not face a problem.

D – Correct
This statement only says that the government should reconsider and the justice will be inaccessible to most people (not all people). Other statements generalised the increase in fees to all people but this is not true.

E – Wrong
The passage mainly focuses on the increase in fees whilst this statement focuses more on only the last sentence of the paragraph. Therefore, this statement does not conclude the whole passage.

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