According to the statement, fashion does not influence science in any way. These two terms are not correlated and hence, science is independent of any external matters.

(Note: it is important to highlight the differences between science and fashion)

Scientific theories/laws are permanent and are applicable in every place on Earth and outer space. Science allows us to obtain knowledge about the natural phenomena that occur around us. Science requires decades of intense research and studies before discoveries can be made. It is based on facts, evidence and truth.

On the other hand, fashion is temporary. Fashion or trends in 20th century differ substantially from those in the 21st century. Trends that are acceptable now were probably considered impermissible one hundred years ago. Together with this, fashion varies from individual to individual, culture to culture and location to location. It is based on opinion and not facts.

On the contrary, some may argue that trends do play a role in influencing scientific progress. In order to gain a superior global status, the USSR and USA competed against each other to be the first country to carry out a manned mission to the moon in the 1960s. At that time, scientific progress intensified towards space exploration. Similarly, mobile phone companies are still competing with each other to provide better technological devices which can multi-task to a greater degree. It can be argued that fashion does have an impact on the direction of scientific progress.

To conclude, science itself is free from trends or fashion. Scientific principles stay the same forever whilst fashion changes from time to time. However, trends can change the direction of scientific research to make discoveries relevant to the events happening at present.