24) E

The text’s argument is that the toll of childbirth causes women to age faster and die early. We must find a flaw in this argument.

A – Wrong

Assuming that women were ignorant of the toll is not related to the argument made. It does not find a flaw in the causal link made by the text.

B – Wrong

Even though this may seem to be correct, the text only focuses on women in rich nations. Therefore, we cannot just say that the flaw is that: it can only make conclusions about women in a rich nation. We still need to find a flaw in the causal link.

C – Wrong

Infant morality rate is irrelevant to the text. Infant mortality rate is number of deaths per 1000 live births of children aged one year or less. The text does not mention anything about it.

D – Wrong

Not necessarily true. Average birth rate in 1920 was 4.2 which still counts as multiple pregnancies. These women lived up to the age of seventy which is actually much later than the age of fifty-five. So the text doesn’t imply that all women who have multiple pregnancies will die early.

E – Correct

This is correct because it directly finds a flaw in the causal link made in the text. It states that since women in 1920 had less children than women 200 years ago and they lived longer, the lesser toll of childbirth caused them to live longer. However, it does not take into consideration that other factors could have caused an improved life expectancy.