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2017 Section 1 Question 30

30) C

The argument made in the text is the last two sentences of the text:

“A beneficial use of fMRI…to conduct brain training for those with weaker connectivity” and “If exercises were developed to help people…their brain connectivity was improved, they too could benefit from more ‘positive’ lifestyle attributes”.

The flaw here is that just because strong brain connectivity is associated with ‘positive’ lifestyle traits, the text assumes that strong brain connectivity causes the ‘positive’ lifestyle traits.

Hence, C is the answer as it paraphrases the flaw correctly.

A – Wrong

High educational attainment is just one of the ‘positive’ lifestyle traits mentioned in the text. It is not the main focus of the text so this flaw is incorrect.

B – Wrong

Ignoring and not mentioning are two different things. This text was made for the purpose of giving information about strong brain connectivity. We cannot just say that it ignores the other healthcare needs that could be addressed through the use of fMRI technology. Therefore, B is irrelevant.

C – Correct

The flaw is discussed above. C is the answer as it paraphrases the flaw correctly.

D – Wrong

Injury to the brain is irrelevant to the text.

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