34) C

1 – Wrong

We know that car ownership is falling and that the congestion problem is getting worse. However, we cannot say that car ownership has not reduced the congestions. We do not know what the congestion problem would have been like if car ownership had not declined. It could have been worse than the present situation. So we cannot infer statement 1.

2 – Wrong

We know that the number of journey stages and trips on bicycles increased from 1% in 2000 to 2% in 2014. However, we also know that the congestion problem is getting worse. Therefore, we cannot say that increasing cycle tracks would make London’s congestion problem better. So 2 is wrong.

3 – Correct

The sentences “getting out of taxi before reaching their destinations because his cab was stuck in traffic” and “the bus service has started to decline after years of increase because of slower speeds and worse reliability” suggests that due to the rise in traffic, people are being deterred from using certain forms of public transport.

Since only statement 3 is correct, C is the answer.