2) According to Franklin, scientific explanations and discoveries cannot fully explain certain aspects of life. Her statement conveys the message that there are some mysteries in life, which cannot be solved by science alone. Even after numerous scientific discoveries and breakthroughs (e.g. structure of the atom and DNA), Franklin believes that science is unable to provide answers for many remaining questions.

By life, Franklin could be referring to the origin of everything in the universe. It is true that the most probable answer to the origin of the universe is the Big Bang Theory. However, it is still a theory and there is very little evidence to prove this theory. Another mystery of life could be the origin of all living beings on Earth. How can inorganic molecules come together and produce an organic living being? Such questions, according to Franklin, cannot be answered by science.

On the contrary, science has provided explanations for many things, which were at first, considered to be non-existent. Through rigorous research and experimentation, we were able to realise that every living being has DNA or genetic material, which gives that being its characteristics. It helped to explain why everyone and everything is different from each other. Everything is composed of atoms and atoms are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons. By studying their nature and reactivity with each other, we were able to provide explanations for many things and make discoveries. Therefore, there is a possibility that science can provide explanations for everything in the future.

Franklin lived in the 20th century, which means that she probably thought many things were impossible, which are possible today. Long-distance communication within seconds and travelling to space is quite possible today. Therefore, it is difficult to agree with her statement completely as science is currently progressing faster than ever.