Surgical innovation refers to any advances in surgical science, technology or training which leads to improved patient healthcare and surgery outcomes. The argument made in the statement is that teamwork is more important than the skills of an individual surgeon to bring about these advances in surgical science.

Teamwork is a major aspect of medicine. To carry out a treatment successfully and effectively, a whole team of health professionals is required. This team may consist of doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and even therapists. Each of these professionals plays a crucial role to provide effective treatments and improve the healthcare of their patients. A doctor cannot treat a patient by himself/herself. It is a collective effort of the medical team. This may apply to surgical innovation too.
In order to progress in surgical science, opinions of nurses, physicians and other members of a surgical team may be needed before any surgical innovation is approved as safe to carry out on patients. The statement tries to convey the message that before any innovations are introduced in the field of surgery, there should be a collective agreement between members of a surgical team.

On the other hand, some may argue that a surgeon has more knowledge and experience about surgeries than the other members of the team. Therefore, the surgeon’s opinions and advice should be given more importance. This may be true in cases where a surgeon wants to introduce an innovative technique or technology into their clinic or hospital. These ideas can then be discussed upon by other surgeons or medical directors. If they find it fit to introduce these innovative techniques, then in this case, the skills of the surgeon were more important for surgical progress.

To conclude, teamwork is important in every aspect of medicine, whether it is providing treatments or for surgical innovation. It would be ideal to take the opinions of every member of a surgical team into consideration before any innovative surgical technique or technology is introduced. However, the opinions of the surgeons should be given more importance as they have more knowledge about surgical procedures than others.