It is crucial that you do as many past papers as you can under timed conditions.

This will give you an idea of how the exam will feel like on the day.

Make sure you do them under exam conditions as well. This means that you should do them silence with minimal interaction with other people. Print the past papers and the response sheets.

Do the exam in order. Section 1 first, Section 2 next and Section 3 last.

Use the Response Sheet provided. Each response sheet is different for every past paper. So make sure you do not print the same response sheet for every past paper.

Since the questions are mostly multiple choice, there cannot be any lenient or hard marking. You do not get marked for any calculations.

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! if you are not able to finish the paper in time, make sure you circle an option for every question on the response sheet. You do not get marked down for wrong answers. So if you are lucky, you may get them correct.

After you have corrected your past paper, check the conversion tables to see which band you got for each section. The conversion tables are provided on the second page of the answer keys of each past paper.
The band conversion tables are different each year so make sure you check the correct answer key for the past paper you did.