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Preparation for Section 1

1) Practise! Practise! Practise! Please do not think that 2-3 past papers are enough to be fully ready for the exam. I am not saying that you have to do all past papers but if you have time to prepare, do as many past papers as you can.

2) Past Papers are the best resources you can get for the BMAT. Everything else is secondary. There are a total of 530 Section 1 past paper questions. Try your best to do as many as you can under exam conditions!

3) 1 question takes around 1 minute 40 seconds to do. To do 530 questions, it will take around 14hours. That’s 1 hour every day for 2 weeks! This is very manageable.

4) Time yourself from the very first day and be strict about it! Do not be lenient and give yourself extra time because you will not get any in the real exam.

5) Every time you attempt a past paper, do the shorter, easier questions first. All questions are worth 1 mark. I personally believe that critical thinking questions are easier than data analysis and spatial awareness questions. However, every person is different and you may think the opposite. Please identify the types of questions you are good at and do those first.

6) I highly suggest you leave the Spatial Awareness questions until the end and only attempt them when you have time left after you have completed other questions. These questions usually cost students a lot of time, which they can use to solve easier questions. There is no specific method to solve Spatial Awareness questions and they will give you ones that are different from past paper questions.

7) Try not to do past paper questions online. It is ideal to print out past papers so you can underline important parts of texts and do calculations on the question paper. This helps you to get a real feel of the exam.

8) You should know that you are given an answer sheet in which you have to shade the correct option. Remember to print this out as well together with your past paper.
NOTE: The response sheet for each past paper is different. So please ensure that print out the correct response sheet.

E.g. If you print out the 2010 past paper, you must print out the 2010 answer sheet. You cannot use the 2009 response sheet for the 2010 past paper.

9) Lastly, do not forget to shade an answer to every question! If you have less time and you feel like you cannot finish all questions, shade an option for each question on your answer sheet. Do not leave any questions blank! Give yourself 2 minutes before the end of the exam to do this.
E.g. Let us say you have 5 minutes left for the exam and you still have 10 questions left. Try and do as many as you can for 3 minutes. Then, the only thing you can do is guess the rest of the answers. You do not get lose marks for shading the wrong answer.

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